Darling Nikki

My 2005 Cervelo R2.5. I’m not a new bike every year kind of guy, and I wouldn’t be, even if I could afford to support that habit with 4 kids on an Army salary. I bought this bike in 05, and I’ve been slowly keeping her relevant since.

This bike has fallen out of favor with the cool folks, there was a recall a few years ago that got a lot more hype than it deserved, almost assuredly pushed along by the big boys (Specialized, Trek, etc) who didn’t want the young upstarts competition. I came up with he name because it was the most stereo typically Canadian woman’s name I could imagine, Cervelo being a Canadian company and all. I will admit to being tempted by the newer, stiffer frames from Giant, Specialized, and even other Cervelos, but I’ve made myself believe that in my current state of fitness, I don’t deserve a new bike. yet.

As she is setup right now,

Frame 2003 R 2.5

Groupset- 2003 Campagnolo 10s

Wheels- Mavic Aksium usually, Ksyriums now and then.

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