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  • Its the second day of 2022

    And I haven’t done a single ride. I haven’t really done a run or walk either. Gonna need to remedy this tomorrow.

  • The Beast of Provence -Ventoux

    I love when the Tour hits Mont Ventoux. As long as I can remember it’s just such an iconic stage. I can remember seeing photos of Eddie powering up it when I was a kid, as well as Lance, and Froome and Contador. chapeau to Wout van Aert for his victory today. It’s just a […]

  • Mark freakin Cavendish yo

    33. What else is there to say?

  • Thoughts on training…

    I am in need of a reset as to my training methodology. A reset taking into count my kind of new reality. The ‘ol leg is telling me we may never be the same again. I do believe that while it may not be the same, it will be as good or better in a […]

  • The new hotness

    I’ve been doing a bunch of reorganizing and such here tonight. This is something I’ve planned for a while, but only just got real about. I use this blog to post mostly about 2 wheeled things, and Motorsport in general, so I’ve finally cleaned it up to reflect that.

  • Weather and maladies

    I’m fighting a headache AGAIN today. Allergies I’m sure, and it’s something I’m really getting tired of. When I travel and I find relief simply by stepping off an airplane in a place that doesn’t have our types of pollen and mold I’m reminded of a question I’ve asked myself many times recently, “why the […]

  • Protected: tipping points revisited

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Carson

    This is the second time I’ve done this workout, the first time I skipped the coaching notes and did it all at 90+ rpm. Tonight I listened to ol Chad and did it at 75 with the standing drills. It was harder for sure, but still no where near as hard as some of the […]

  • Saturday Night Funtime

    I have to say that I feel kinda bad about wearing my “Belgian the fuck up”socks for an indoor ride, but it is winter in Texas, so suck it. I also bought a heater for the pain cave. 🙂 It’s about 37 degrees here, which is cold enough to be legit cold, but not enough […]

  • Tallac

    I sagged right in the middle again, but I finished pretty strong. At one point I looked up and had a sudden fear that I had a whole other interval to go, but then I realized it was the history file rather than the workout file. I didn’t know if my legs were up to […]