Every Day Traveler

I will probably come up with something witty in this excerpt, but not right now.


I ride bikes. A lot. I have an almost fetishistic interest in things that move humans from one place to another, primarily that manifests as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and trucks.


I’m lucky enough to travel a good bit for my job. Sometimes that is not somewhere anyone would choose to go of their own volition, but I’ve found that often makes for the most interesting trips, so I record some of it here.


I like nice things, but I’m not materialistic in the classic sense of the word. I don’t care about having a collection of anything except experiences. I like stories, I like making my own memories.

Not all those who wander are lost.


That quote is so overused, but I guess there is a reason.

I’ll put a new one in here from time to time.

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