Why a Blog? In this day and age? well, I’ll tell you…

There are things I want to publish, thoughts, plans, projects, results, that just require more space than the limitations imposed on me by twitter, and facebook…well we all know how that goes.

About Me-

I am best described as a domesticated, formerly wild, free range man. I’m a career Soldier, father of 4, and husband to 1. I can read and write, I’m a terminal tinkerer, I cant leave things alone even when I probably should. My interests run from bicycles and motorcycles, to old camping gear, my Landcruiser, and many other smaller things that I’ll let you dig up on your own. I’m a geek, I love sci fi, technology, industry, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 🙂

About the Site-

I have been a WordPress user since it’s release, in 2003. I used to fool around with self hosting on a LAMP server in my study at home, but these days I find its easier to just host it at WordPress.com.