This was the first Interval workout I’ve done in a long time. I was feeling strong, and I managed over 140 RPM on each spin, but man am I feeling it today. It will be worth it…By the way, I’m really losing faith in Strava’s ability to calculate calories burned, and effort. I suppose it would be more accurate if I bit the bullet and bought a new power meter, but damn.

I had a fantastic ride at Cameron Park Monday.

I haven’t been riding the MTB much lately (like AT ALL), so Monday I had to be in Waco for work, I threw it in the truck, hoping to have a few minutes to escape and knock out a few miles. Fortune favored my foolish self, and I finished up with 3 hours to play. I have never ridden there at all so I swung by the most recommended bike shop by guys on bikemojo, its called “The Bear Mountain“. I can’t recommend the shop enough. The staff was awesome, took some time to talk to me about the trails, where to park (where NOT to park) and even how to beat traffic getting from there to the trail-head. They had maps of the local trails, which not a single shop in Austin offers, (are you listening ATX??) and literally everyone in the shop had a little input about good lines and segments. They also had President George W Bush’s old Trek, which was cool to see. Apparently he has his bike maintained there. If you’re in Waco and you aren’t a member of their cycling club, you’re wrong. These guys do it right.
So, I set up at Pecan Bottoms, which they explained to me is basically the “low ground” (hence the name “bottoms” I guess) as I like to make my climbs on the way out rather than when I’m crushed on the way home, especially when I’m unfamiliar with the trails in general. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, there was a lot of climbing, the difficulty of which Strava leaves out, as its only 100 feet or so at a time, but at a 12-15% grade. I got in about 10 miles total and I was good and smoked at the end. I was really happy that I saved half my sandwich from “Schmaltz’s” to eat when I got back to the truck, because I was starving.
**Some Trail Notes-
1. The maps show water points along the trail, however none of the ones I found on the trail were functional.
2. The trail markings are very good when they are present, however they are missing or incomplete in many areas, which in their defense, look to be pretty new and perhaps not marked yet. (even the bad ones are marked better than any in the ATX)
3. Most of the trails showed up in the maps on my ELEMNT, even the newer ones, which l assume is due to open street maps.

K-Edge and Wahoo

I bought this stem cap mount from K-Edge originally for my cross bike. If you’re not familiar with K-edge, they are a small company that makes all sorts of billet aluminum mounts and chain catchers commonly used in the pro peloton.

So I thought it would be great to have it right on top of my stem as I like the location of the stem mount that came with the ELEMNT but not the fact that it was held on with zip-ties. You can see from the pic that it replaces the thin spacer you’re supposed to have above your stem to prevent crushing (you’re all doing that right??), and it projects forward a little more than half way down my 100mm stem. I put it on the Kona and the whole ride I felt like I was looking back at my stomach. It only sits a centimeter or so further back, but it’s slightly angled up, and that just straight didn’t work.

Yesterday I took the Niner out for the first time in a while and I installed the stem cap mount on it just to see, my thinking being that since I’m more upright on the MTB, it might be ok, and it was perfect. K-Edge makes some fine bits of kit, and that thing didn’t move a millimeter. It’s positioned perfectly above the stem. Now I just need to order the “out front” mount for my road bike from them and I’ll put the stock plastic out front mount on my cross bike.

Despite the wind, it’s a beautiful evening to ride #betteroutside #rideyourbike #atxlife #roadieaf

I’m going to be on a couple day hiatus from bike due to work travel, so my intent is to knock back a few miles each day this week before I leave. I’m planning on walking/jogging over a 5 mile course adjacent to my hotel each evening to keep the heart pumping and the improvement gears turning. Every little bit counts. 

I didn’t see Elvis, but I did see Frank, and that’s almost the same thing.

I hit quite a few PRs yesterday, which was unexpected, I really left to do an easy spin, but I did the first 5 miles into a blistering 20 kt headwind, which I guess properly warmed my legs up, after that I just kept picking it up. Admittedly, the last 5 miles of the return were significantly assisted by the same 20kt wind which was now a tailwind, however the 10 in the middle were all me. I am feeling it today, but in a good way. I’ve got an easy 12 spinning miles planned this afternoon for some active recovery time, and another 25 tomorrow.


I feel like the kids put this chalk here urging me on to ever greater feats of cycling heroism 🙂 “Allez! ALLEZ!!” and “Allons-y!!”