Despite the wind, it’s a beautiful evening to ride #betteroutside #rideyourbike #atxlife #roadieaf

I’m going to be on a couple day hiatus from bike due to work travel, so my intent is to knock back a few miles each day this week before I leave. I’m planning on walking/jogging over a 5 mile course adjacent to my hotel each evening to keep the heart pumping and the improvement gears turning. Every little bit counts. 

I didn’t see Elvis, but I did see Frank, and that’s almost the same thing.

I hit quite a few PRs yesterday, which was unexpected, I really left to do an easy spin, but I did the first 5 miles into a blistering 20 kt headwind, which I guess properly warmed my legs up, after that I just kept picking it up. Admittedly, the last 5 miles of the return were significantly assisted by the same 20kt wind which was now a tailwind, however the 10 in the middle were all me. I am feeling it today, but in a good way. I’ve got an easy 12 spinning miles planned this afternoon for some active recovery time, and another 25 tomorrow.


I feel like the kids put this chalk here urging me on to ever greater feats of cycling heroism 🙂 “Allez! ALLEZ!!” and “Allons-y!!”

Texas Pavé

I find myself riding the cross bike more and more, I am accepting of the fact that I need to find a road bike with the same fit and feel in order to satisfy that pull. The Kona is so stiff and solid that it makes my trusty Cervelo feel like a noodle. This is on the “Suburban Ninja” loop, which a new, hidden little gem up north of the BCRT. I’m curious how this loop will pan out long term, supposedly, it is approved by the county, however the point of entry as it exists right now will eventually be someone’s side yard once the development is finished out, so I assume there will be significant changes. Interestingly, I’ve ridden the loop nine or ten times, and never seen another human back there til yesterday, when I saw FOUR.

A day at the lake after a hard win

My daughters both play Lacrosse (this is my youngest) and sometimes they sneak into my blog. 🙂
My kids are all water babies, and after we had a nice picnic, they hit the water. That’s my oldest boy (the one who mountain bikes with me) on the right, escorting his sister along the deep-water edge. Just a few feet out, the water drops off almost cliff like to over 100 feet. It’s actually used by local dive companies as their advanced open water training area. I was certified here by PADI almost 25 years ago.

Tour De Trinity

I did my own little “Tour De Trinity” around Fort Worth Thursday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I started adjacent to my hotel and turned around in Gateway Ball Park. I totalled right at 40 miles and it was beautiful.
There were several stand out areas that I want to highlight, but the city is gorgeous overall, I honestly feel that its the town that Austin should have been if it had grown up right.
The trail runs along the levee on either side of the Trinity river as it flows through Fort Worth. I rode mostly on the south side, other than for a short piece through town where I crossed over to the other side as the trail required.
I need to clean up and edit a few photos to post up here, more to follow tonight.

I hope you’re all watching Paris-Roubaix right now…

The spring classics are my favorite races of the year, and of course, Paris-Roubaix is the most popular of those. So much drama this year with VanAvermat looking to keep his run alive, Tommke’s last season, and indeed last professional road race, and so many hungry young racers.

In the US its hard to get, I have a subscription to NBC Sports Gold, which today is worthless because their login server is broken. (You had one job…) but the always reliable has links to several good broadcasts. Currently I’m watching Eurosport on

This is why I love Roubaix – 

This is a marvelous new trail – and that yellow bar tape is sexier than Barry Manilow

This is on the “Urban Ninja” loop, it’s not that great of a picture, but I needed a good reason to take a break at the top of the hill. Photos are always a noble enough diversion.