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  • Had some Landcruiser problems

    I also had some problems sorting out the navigation here. I think I’ve got this handled now. When you click on the link tree on my IG it should bring you directly here, which is the Landcruiser category of my blog. Most of y’all who get here that way probably aren’t interested in my bicycles, […]

  • Its the second day of 2022

    And I haven’t done a single ride. I haven’t really done a run or walk either. Gonna need to remedy this tomorrow.

  • The Beast of Provence -Ventoux

    I love when the Tour hits Mont Ventoux. As long as I can remember it’s just such an iconic stage. I can remember seeing photos of Eddie powering up it when I was a kid, as well as Lance, and Froome and Contador. chapeau to Wout van Aert for his victory today. It’s just a […]

  • Mark freakin Cavendish yo

    33. What else is there to say?

  • Thoughts on training…

    I am in need of a reset as to my training methodology. A reset taking into count my kind of new reality. The ‘ol leg is telling me we may never be the same again. I do believe that while it may not be the same, it will be as good or better in a […]

  • The new hotness

    I’ve been doing a bunch of reorganizing and such here tonight. This is something I’ve planned for a while, but only just got real about. I use this blog to post mostly about 2 wheeled things, and Motorsport in general, so I’ve finally cleaned it up to reflect that.

  • Looking for a reason to write this morning…

    Lately, I think we’ve all been a little anxious, to use a heavily overused word, in my life anyway. Everyone is worried about the world situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis in our country with regards to race relations, politics, and our collective future. How will things ever get better? Well, that comes […]

  • Weather and maladies

    I’m fighting a headache AGAIN today. Allergies I’m sure, and it’s something I’m really getting tired of. When I travel and I find relief simply by stepping off an airplane in a place that doesn’t have our types of pollen and mold I’m reminded of a question I’ve asked myself many times recently, “why the […]

  • I’ve become a bit of a wrench…

    I usually charge a bag of coffee beans…

  • Film, its imminent death and hopeful resurrection…

    We watched “Ad Astra” last night. Like pretty much everyone, we are watching some missed pieces during this pandemic and associated quarantine. We worked through “Tales from the Loop” last week, and while I was perusing the watchlist Friday afternoon I realized there were a few movies on HBO that we had missed at the […]