We’re smack in the middle of another winter storm

It’s nothing like “Snowpocalypse” a few years ago, our low this time is only going to be something like 25, compared to 2 or 3 then, and this one will only go 3 total days, versus the 14 that one did. It’s funny though, we’re all feeling the PTSD. That thing wrecked Texas, we’re justContinue reading “We’re smack in the middle of another winter storm”

Today is “Confederate Heroes Day” in Texas

This is a holiday that is actually observed by the state. We have the day off. This remains one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, that in the year 2023, were taking a day off work to celebrate some people who attempted to tear the country apart 150 years ago. No one in theirContinue reading “Today is “Confederate Heroes Day” in Texas”

Sitting in 102-degree weather in Texas

But very much mentally in the mountains, in Colorado. Almost exactly one year ago today, I was exploring mountain passes with two of my very, super cool kids. We took the road less traveled, which thankfully they are almost always down for, and ended up at the top of a pass when a little butContinue reading “Sitting in 102-degree weather in Texas”

Had some Landcruiser problems

I also had some problems sorting out the navigation here. I think I’ve got this handled now. When you click on the link tree on my IG it should bring you directly here, which is the Landcruiser category of my blog. Most of y’all who get here that way probably aren’t interested in my bicycles,Continue reading “Had some Landcruiser problems”

The Beast of Provence -Ventoux

I love when the Tour hits Mont Ventoux. As long as I can remember it’s just such an iconic stage. I can remember seeing photos of Eddie powering up it when I was a kid, as well as Lance, and Froome and Contador. chapeau to Wout van Aert for his victory today. It’s just aContinue reading “The Beast of Provence -Ventoux”