RIP Sakamoto-San

Ryuichi Sakamoto – He passed away at the end of March from cancer. Yesterday his estate released a playlist on his Spotify account that he had assembled in his last days, specifically to be played at his funeral. As I expected, it was a creative combination of classical, ambient, electronic, and a touch of pop.Continue reading “RIP Sakamoto-San”

We’re smack in the middle of another winter storm

It’s nothing like “Snowpocalypse” a few years ago, our low this time is only going to be something like 25, compared to 2 or 3 then, and this one will only go 3 total days, versus the 14 that one did. It’s funny though, we’re all feeling the PTSD. That thing wrecked Texas, we’re justContinue reading “We’re smack in the middle of another winter storm”

Today is “Confederate Heroes Day” in Texas

This is a holiday that is actually observed by the state. We have the day off. This remains one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, that in the year 2023, were taking a day off work to celebrate some people who attempted to tear the country apart 150 years ago. No one in theirContinue reading “Today is “Confederate Heroes Day” in Texas”

Looking for a reason to write this morning…

Lately, I think we’ve all been a little anxious, to use a heavily overused word, in my life anyway. Everyone is worried about the world situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis in our country with regards to race relations, politics, and our collective future. How will things ever get better? Well, that comesContinue reading “Looking for a reason to write this morning…”

Film, its imminent death and hopeful resurrection…

We watched “Ad Astra” last night. Like pretty much everyone, we are watching some missed pieces during this pandemic and associated quarantine. We worked through “Tales from the Loop” last week, and while I was perusing the watchlist Friday afternoon I realized there were a few movies on HBO that we had missed at theContinue reading “Film, its imminent death and hopeful resurrection…”