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  • Had some Landcruiser problems

    I also had some problems sorting out the navigation here. I think I’ve got this handled now. When you click on the link tree on my IG it should bring you directly here, which is the Landcruiser category of my blog. Most of y’all who get here that way probably aren’t interested in my bicycles, […]

  • Fixes and Things –

    Or “The Exciting World of Old Landcruiser Ownership” So friday as I left for work, I suddenly got every warning light in my truck lit and beeping, telling me “she cant take na more!”. I thought it was just an error from having washed pollen off and heavily spraying the area around the cowl, but […]

  • No illuminations

    look at that would ya? An fzj80 without a check engine light on!

  • Four Wheels good…Two Wheels Better

    Four Wheels good…Two Wheels Better

    I spent the weekend working on my truck. I originally intended to just do the brake rotors and pads out of expediency, but I found at least two frozen pistons in the drivers caliper, so now I’m doing the full monty. The pad in the picture shows the frozen piston problem. Since those pistons don’t […]