Ok, I’m gonna do you a favor, take my advice this once and swing by #danshamburgers on North Lamar, get yourself a medium cheeseburger. Don’t ask for anything stupid like watermelon aioli or organic dog poop grown mushrooms, get it exactly the way they make it. Then sit down right there in the restaraunt and dig in. Don’t try to pack it off to your half million dollar condo across the street, you might get some of that delicious grease on your badger hair sofa. Say hello to the other folks enjoying the best hamburger in the south, and be nice to hard workers behind the counter. You can thank me later. #goodfood #simplerisbetter #theoriginal

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2c9hkmm

Published by velocidave

I like to do things on two wheels.

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