New Cleats yo…

I’ve been tossing around the idea of changing my pedals for a while now. And as usual with me, price made me finally pull the trigger. I’ve ridden speed play zero’s for 15 years, but lately my cleats have been the issue. I couldn’t get them positioned right on my fizik shoes. Obviously I’m not the only one, because Speedplay now offers a “lengthening plate” for the cleats, that gives you 10mm more fore and aft adjustment. Additionally, the “walk-able cleat” covers both fell off while riding, meaning there was no rubber contact on the cleat, just straight metal to metal. The cost of replacing them and adding the plate exceeded the cost of this entire pedal system. Also, who doesn’t love French things? So I went with the Look Keo Blades that Competitive Cyclist had on an absurd clearance price. I’ve done 7 rides with them now, and there are some plusses and a couple of minuses. I will say, the minuses have more to do with me having been on Speedplay’s for 15 years than with any part of the Keo design.

The snap in is slightly less distinct than Ive become used too, and right now, I’m struggling every time with finding the nose hook on the cleat to correctly position the clip to lock in. It’s just a muscle memory thing from years of having dual sided entry, and metallic snap sections.

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