Saturday Night Funtime

I have to say that I feel kinda bad about wearing my “Belgian the fuck up”socks for an indoor ride, but it is winter in Texas, so suck it. I also bought a heater for the pain cave. 🙂 It’s about 37 degrees here, which is cold enough to be legit cold, but not enough to make the humidity drop, so it’s spirit crushingly cold. For reals. My buddy from the Canadian Army in Manitoba says the coldest he’s ever been in his life was in Texas.

Carson -3 TrainerRoad

This was a good ride, I can definitely feel my strength coming back on, I have a ramp test scheduled for the 8th and I feel like I’ll go up considerably. I wouldn’t say this workout was easy, but I was never in any type of crisis or duress. Though if done at a lower cadence and doing stomps at the beginning of each interval as Chad suggests, I think it would be considerably more challenging.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Funtime

  1. I don’t know, man… 18° with 15-mph wind is pretty cold on a bike. And we rode a few days in freezing fog this year… 98% humidity and 33°. I’ll give you, 37 for a Texas fella is COLD. it isn’t Michigan cold, though. And Michiganders are lightweights to Minnesotans… or even Michigan Yoopers.

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