Had some Landcruiser problems

I also had some problems sorting out the navigation here. I think I’ve got this handled now.

When you click on the link tree on my IG it should bring you directly here, which is the Landcruiser category of my blog. Most of y’all who get here that way probably aren’t interested in my bicycles, how far I ride them, and other such.

Now that I’ve got the navigation sorted, I will get cracking on the write ups of what’s happened with the cruiser, how I resolved it or what I modded, and then cross post them to my build threads on ‘MUD and expeditionportal.com for posterity, as I don’t expect this site to do too much traffic.

The cruiser has been a handful over the last 18 months, and I’m eyeball deep in resolving some other problems, (primarily of my own making at this point) with it now. I’d love to say we’ll be back up and running soon but I’ll be honest, I’m getting tired of having my expectations dashed. It’s life with a 27 year old daily driver, but man it’s wearing thin. I’m a hairs breath from relegating her to special use and buying a simple, fuel efficient DD. Which, if I’m being honest is really what I should do.

The pandemic hasn’t done me any favors, supply side wise especially, though if it weren’t so hard to get things, (new cars included) I would have probably already bought a new DD and parked the cruiser, so six one way, half dozen the other I guess.

Anyway, more to follow soon, if you’ve read this far thanks! And I hope you enjoy.

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I like to do things on two wheels.

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