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  • The Gulf

    I am dying for some ocean time. A combination of of my social media feeds, my subscription to Gray’s Sporting Journal, and an audio book called “The Gulf” I’ve been listening to have thoroughly spurred my desire to be near the ocean. The people I’ve been closest in my life have always described me as […]

  • The “Roaring Twenties”

    Thus we begin the “Roaring twenties”…

  • Thinking out loud…Renew at YMCA?

    I’m trying to decide right now whether to renew my YMCA membership here in the new year. I find I really just use it for the pool access, and on occasion my son and I use the weight room. Those are all valuable items on their own, but the membership for a family runs me […]

  • A day at the lake after a hard win

    My daughters both play Lacrosse (this is my youngest) and sometimes they sneak into my blog. 🙂 My kids are all water babies, and after we had a nice picnic, they hit the water. That’s my oldest boy (the one who mountain bikes with me) on the right, escorting his sister along the deep-water edge. Just […]

  • Not at all a bad haul for an old guy on his birthday

    My birthday was Thursday March 23rd, I turned 44. Its hard to feel special when its a thursday, the kids have lacrosse practice, were prepping for a big neighborhood garage sale, both cars need maintenance, and the myriad other things that impose on your adult life. Honestly, lets face it, other than a few significant milestones […]

  • My man making some tough decisions about what he’s keeping and what he’s giving up as he goes through some of his books.

    This weekend we had a big neighborhood wide garage sale, and my wife decided to really get serious about it as an opportunity to get rid of some of the old stuff floating around our house. We were successful on that count, we were able to get something cleared out. But as always with such […]