Not at all a bad haul for an old guy on his birthday

My birthday was Thursday March 23rd, I turned 44. Its hard to feel special when its a thursday, the kids have lacrosse practice, were prepping for a big neighborhood garage sale, both cars need maintenance, and the myriad other things that impose on your adult life. Honestly, lets face it, other than a few significant milestones birthdays, like turning any of the 10s (30, 40, 50 etc) as an adult, birthdays are just a day where people tend to make you feel awkward. My kids however, didnt see it that way. My youngest daughter was adamant that I provide her with my birthday “list”, so that she could ensure I got what I wanted. Being 44, I am able to procure most anything I want for myself, (within reason) and anything I want but don’t have, she probably cant afford on her meager allowance of 10.00 a week (since I pay her allowance, in effect, Im still procuring it for myself, though it is absolutely the thought that counts). In any case, I let her know that I always need nice cycling socks, and showed her that she could get me some swiftwicks at the Peddler Brushy Creek bike shop, which she decided there and then to do. My wife surprised me with the Stanley French press, and the Feed Zone Table cook book I had been mentioning for some time. What’s not in the picture above is some yellow bar tape for my cross bike (not sure about that yet…yellow bars…) and a really sweet Vintage Coleman Lantern to add to my burgeoning Coleman collection from my mother in law.
We had a great meal, and I chalk it up as a very successful and enjoyable birthday all around.

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I like to do things on two wheels.

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