Mechanicals are kicking my butt this year

IMG_0681Yesterday I had a cleat come loose (twice, though the second one was my fault, I put the shim in wrong), I threw my chain while on some crazy off-camber loose, gravel, and my bar tape gave it up (admittedly its two years old). This year has been full of weird little problems like this. A quick look at my Strava history shows at least 5 rides impacted by mostly minor mechanicals.  I take exceedingly good care of my equipment, more so than the average rider for sure, so I’m curious why I’m seeing such a spate of issues lately.


When i threw the chain, it was really strange, I went to shift up into a bigger cog with a big sweep of my right fingers, and BANG, the bike came to a dead stop and the chain was on the smallest cog. I am assuming because of the exact timing of my shift, the chain actually slung up and off the cogs, and drifted out onto the last cog. The chain was jammed through my derailleur, and almost sideways. I’ve not seen something like that before, but I didn’t have the good sense to take a picture. meh.

In any case, C’est la Vie, I still got in ten miles, which is better than zero.


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