I didn’t see Elvis, but I did see Frank, and that’s almost the same thing.

I hit quite a few PRs yesterday, which was unexpected, I really left to do an easy spin, but I did the first 5 miles into a blistering 20 kt headwind, which I guess properly warmed my legs up, after that I just kept picking it up. Admittedly, the last 5 miles of the return were significantly assisted by the same 20kt wind which was now a tailwind, however the 10 in the middle were all me. I am feeling it today, but in a good way. I’ve got an easy 12 spinning miles planned this afternoon for some active recovery time, and another 25 tomorrow.


I feel like the kids put this chalk here urging me on to ever greater feats of cycling heroism 🙂 “Allez! ALLEZ!!” and “Allons-y!!”

Published by velocidave

I like to do things on two wheels.

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