K-Edge and Wahoo

I bought this stem cap mount from K-Edge originally for my cross bike. If you’re not familiar with K-edge, they are a small company that makes all sorts of billet aluminum mounts and chain catchers commonly used in the pro peloton.

So I thought it would be great to have it right on top of my stem as I like the location of the stem mount that came with the ELEMNT but not the fact that it was held on with zip-ties. You can see from the pic that it replaces the thin spacer you’re supposed to have above your stem to prevent crushing (you’re all doing that right??), and it projects forward a little more than half way down my 100mm stem. I put it on the Kona and the whole ride I felt like I was looking back at my stomach. It only sits a centimeter or so further back, but it’s slightly angled up, and that just straight didn’t work.

Yesterday I took the Niner out for the first time in a while and I installed the stem cap mount on it just to see, my thinking being that since I’m more upright on the MTB, it might be ok, and it was perfect. K-Edge makes some fine bits of kit, and that thing didn’t move a millimeter. It’s positioned perfectly above the stem. Now I just need to order the “out front” mount for my road bike from them and I’ll put the stock plastic out front mount on my cross bike.

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2 thoughts on “K-Edge and Wahoo

    1. That was my one hesitation when I got it, the size. I’ve been a happy wahoo user for years, so I took the plunge. Now I actually like the screen, the size is great. Overall it’s a little smaller than an 800 or 1000 Garmin. I thought a bit about getting the BOLT, but it won’t be anytime soon.

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