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I just spent about an hour or so reorganizing the way my blog publishes, and the links to content from the homepage. I had to learn a little more about how WordPress uses categories and tags in order to do it, but i think its a lot cleaner now. I think for the time being i can get by using drafts to capture text, then pushing the text to Ulysses for more complicated editing and revising, then using the built in functions in Ulysses to publish and maintain my site. I’m not sure yet about how images and such will work, but right now its a start.

Ive been using just my iPad for a couple of years, with the occasional more complicated edit on my work laptop, though I haven’t worked on WordPress from work since i got the iPad Pro and keyboard in December. At this point, it works for everything i want it to do except photo management. The keyboard really makes a big difference in text generation, and general usability. As a portable platform, it doesn’t get much better. I would rather work from a real laptop, but this is a 90% solution, and I can live with it.

I need to set up a real photo management solution at some point, and if that is a MacBook Pro using Lightroom, or a PC using Lightroom, or some other thing I haven’t even thought too much about yet, I don’t know. I have 15 years of family and personal photos i need to be able to manage, as well as a budding interest in real photography coming on quickly. It’s not really budding, its fully in bloom, and has been for several years, but I’m only just recently in a position to actually buy some better equipment. So I’m saying ill finally be able to indulge it.

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I like to do things on two wheels.

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